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Super Compact / Super Compact T

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Preposterous output and clarity from a single 12XN driver.

Can replace cabs twice its size and with more than twice the cone area, thanks to the huge cone excursion, massive power handling and high sensitivity. Even smaller and lighter than the Big Baby 3 due to the minimalist design - no crossover, no HF driver or tweeter, just clean highs that roll off smoothly in the mid-upper treble region. And a smaller enclosure due to the more conventional bass cab sound in the lows = more fatness and thump.

Now with our low distortion tweeter, custom crossover and full HF control for increased brightness and extended treble clarity - but the same tone as a standard Super Compact when you turn the HF control on a Super Compact T to zero.

Also now available - the Super 3rd. This is the Super Compact reshaped to stack neatly with a Super Twin, to give you an awesome 3x12XN stack (hence the "3rd" in the name, it's the third 12XN in the stack). This is also customisable with a tweeter and HF control. The Super 3rd weighs the same but the dimensions are 39cm 48cm x 34cm or 15.5" x 19" x 13.5" (H x W x D). The strap handle is moved to the top because that's more ergonomic for lifting it onto the Super Twin.

We prefer the Super Compact's form factor as a standalone cab or as a two cab stack but the Super 3rd is such a cool way to give your Super Twin rig more height and even more output - looks and sounds epic! And now that so many amps will run down to a 2.7 or 2 ohm minimum load they can drive a 3x12XN rig happily.

Need more output? Add a second Super Compact to make a modular Super Twin or a Super Mini to make a versatile modular rig with three size options.


  • Single 12XN extended-range high-accuracy driver
  • Monocoque Spaceframe enclosure
  • Vertical slot port and thermal convector
  • Consistent polar response when vertical or horizontal
  • Side strap handle
  • Base and side rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Durable textured acrylic finish
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver or black cloth grill


(H x W x D)
56cm x 44cm x 30cm
22" x 17.5" x 12"
Steel Grill 11kg / 23.5lbs
Cloth Grill 10kg / 21.5lbs
Steel Grill (with tweeter) 12kg / 25.5lbs
Cloth Grill (with tweeter) 11kg / 23.5lbs
Broadband Sensitivity 97dB
Max Amp Power 600W RMS
Max Output ~127dB
Frequency Range 30Hz -4kHz
Impedance 8 ohms