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Super Compact / Super Compact T

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Preposterous output and clarity from a single 12XN driver.

Can replace cabs twice its size and with more than twice the cone area, thanks to the huge cone excursion, massive power handling and high sensitivity. Even smaller and lighter than the Big Baby 3 due to the minimalist design - no crossover, no HF driver or tweeter, just clean highs that roll off smoothly in the mid-upper treble region. And a smaller enclosure due to the more conventional bass cab sound in the lows = more fatness and thump.

Now with our low distortion tweeter, custom crossover and full HF control for increased brightness and extended treble clarity - but the same tone as a standard Super Compact when you turn the HF control on a Super Compact T to zero.

Also now available - the Super 3rd. This is the Super Compact reshaped to stack neatly with a Super Twin, to give you an awesome 3x12XN stack (hence the "3rd" in the name, it's the third 12XN in the stack). This is also customisable with a tweeter and HF control. The Super 3rd weighs the same but the dimensions are 39cm 48cm x 34cm or 15.5" x 19" x 13.5" (H x W x D). The strap handle is moved to the top because that's more ergonomic for lifting it onto the Super Twin.

We prefer the Super Compact's form factor as a standalone cab or as a two cab stack but the Super 3rd is such a cool way to give your Super Twin rig more height and even more output - looks and sounds epic! And now that so many amps will run down to a 2.7 or 2 ohm minimum load they can drive a 3x12XN rig happily.

Need more output? Add a second Super Compact to make a modular Super Twin or a Super Mini to make a versatile modular rig with three size options.


  • Single 12XN extended-range high-accuracy driver
  • Monocoque Spaceframe enclosure
  • Vertical slot port and thermal convector
  • Consistent polar response when vertical or horizontal
  • Side strap handle
  • Base and side rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Durable textured acrylic finish
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver or black cloth grill


(H x W x D)
56cm x 44cm x 30cm
22" x 17.5" x 12"
Steel Grill 11kg / 23.5lbs
Cloth Grill 10kg / 21.5lbs
Steel Grill (with tweeter) 12kg / 25.5lbs
Cloth Grill (with tweeter) 11kg / 23.5lbs
Broadband Sensitivity 97dB
Max Amp Power 600W RMS
Max Output ~127dB
Frequency Range 30Hz -4kHz
Impedance 8 ohms

Customer feedback

09/06/24 - Super Compact T - UK

I have just picked up a Super Compact T secondhand and firstly I would like to say thank you for making such a great cab. It is just fantastic overall but the articulation in the midrange in particular is just outstanding. So much depth and detail. I was slightly sceptical about it replacing my 4x10 before I tried it but it convinced me very quickly. I am still considering buying one new from you though, as I am starting to feel that I might actually benefit from having the additional tweeter added.

Although in general the cab sounds lovely I'm maybe not getting quite as much from the top end of my dirty sounds as I'm used to. I'm going to play it out a bit and see how I feel about that. However, my main reason for getting in contact is to ask for advice about how to get the best from the cab re: amp pairing. I currently use a Darkglass microtubes 500 which has been alright for a while but I am hoping to replace with something tube-based, something that I can get a bit of proper warmth and saturation from. I always get confused by the technical stuff about power, impedance and all that stuff.

Could you suggest what sort of specs I should be looking for in an amp to get the best from this cab? For example I'm considering the orange terror 500w but worry is this underpowered for the cab? I appreciate that I am not directly a customer of yours yet so any time taken to reply is really greatly appreciated!

All the best



Hi Tom,

Glad you're liking the Super Compact! I presume you don't have a Super Compact T otherwise you could turn the tweeter up?

I'd experiment with the Darkglass to see what tones you can get from it. Going all valve gets v expensive and heavy to get a decent amount of power. The Orange just has some valves in the preamp but they're good sounding amps if you like their colour. Anything up to 600W is fine with the SC. Less power will get you less loud, that's all.

Best regards,



19/04/24 - Super Compact + Two10S - USA

I am very happy with the cabs I ordered- a Super Compact and a Two10S (just arrived today!).

In particular I love the sound of my stingray through a Genzler Magellan 800 through the Super Compact. Clean, it's awesome, and when I throw on a lot of thick distortion it just really shines. I thought that maybe I'd like the distortion more on the Two10S, but it just comes through so clean on the Super Compact. The bass response between the two amps is pretty much spot on with respect to the video you did comparing the two lines.

My question is this- if I were considering a Super Twin, how important is it to have the tweeter do you think? I know there's some comparison in one of the videos but on my computer I just couldn't really tell. This would be for rock or heavy psychedelic rock songs. The only reason I'm considering it is for gigs where I'm not mic'd or going through the PA, but the room is decently large. For practice, the smaller ones are perfect. I might be able to mix the two but I'd like to just travel with one cab.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have. I realise this might be a silly question.


Hi John,

Tweeter or not is very much personal preference. If the SC has enough highs without a tweeter then so too will an ST. Glad you're loving the cabs!

14/05/24 - Super Compact - USA

Hi guys.

First, I want to tell you I have a Super Compact, and I love it with all my heart. I'm using it with an Aguilar AG-700 head, and my normal pedalboard is an HX Stomp with a Sansamp DI and Empress compressor for my normal bit of color when I'm not using the multi. My question is, aside from just wanting more volume, is there a good reason for me to get another SC or SC-T? Or will it not make much difference anyway just running the AG-700? I'm not a pro, and I don't gig much, but it is possible.


Hi Robert,

I need to make a video/article about this! In short adding a second matching cab makes the sound louder, fatter and bigger and increases the max output of the rig by about 6dB. Technically a 10dB increase is twice as loud but because of the human ears' non-linear response to low end I'd say that it feels almost that much louder. And the height changes what you hear too.

Glad you're loving it!

Best regards,


07/05/24 - Super Compact - UK


The Super Compact stack performed admirably this weekend.

But there's just something about your 10's that does it for me, I like that colouration.

On Sunday evening, with the band following us at the festival, was a very old friend of mine, Shug. He's just a great bass player, one of the best around, who I first saw play in around 1988. At that time he was using an old SVT and an 8x10, and I immediately realised how a bass really should sound. On Sunday, he brought a BF Six10. It sounded wonderful (however he is also a great player). That night started me thinking. The Six10 is a little bit too heavy for me, the Two10 (I've had one), is eclipsed by the SC stack, so I've been looking at your Three10, and tonight I've ordered one from your website. 

Keep up the good work.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the feedback, that's great to hear! And thanks for the order - the Three10 does hit a nice sweetspot!



18/07/23 - Super Compact + One10 - Canada

Your gear is phenomenal. I've been using it for over 10 years now, I will never play through anything else. My sound is mine, finally after 37 years of playing bass and still going.


17/10/23 - Super Compact - CA

Just a note to say that my SC arrived last week safe and sound. I tried it in a rehearsal yesterday and it's everything I hoped it would be. Punchy yet transparent. It's given my amp's EQ section a purpose! I have lots more control now. Love it.


29/11/23 - Super Compact - France

I just received my Super Compact today (surprisingly quick actually).

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it sounds incredibly well… at home for the moment. I can’t wait to try it with my band.

Big big thanks to all the team.


12/10/22 - Super Mini T & Super Compact - Ireland

BTW., can I also say how completely delighted I am with my cabs.  It is such a rare thing when reality lives up to expectations but your cabs certainly do. They are everything your said they were but that doesn’t quite capture the feeling, the satisfaction, of playing thru the cabs – simply a different world !!!