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Big Baby 3

Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3
Big Baby 3

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The Big Baby 2 has now been replaced by the Big Baby 3. If you order a BB2 your order will be automatically upgraded to a BB3. For more details about why the BB3 is even better, click on this link!

Prepare to hear every detail of your tone like never before.

Huge power handling so it can move as much air as a good 4x10", keeps punching hard even on relentlessly loud gigs, wide dispersion so everyone in the venue can hear it properly, but still easy to carry with one hand. High sensitivity so you can use it with low power lightweight heads and still play louder than other small cabs. Not only for bass but arguably the most potent FRFR guitar cab yet made and a great compact PA speaker that doesn't need subwoofers to fill in the lows.

Need more output? Add a second BIG BABY II to make a modular BIG TWIN II or a SUPER MIDGET to make a versatile modular rig with small, medium and large options to suit your gigs.


  • Single 12XN extended-range high-accuracy driver
  • Ultra low distortion neodymium HF compression driver with cast aluminium waveguide
  • LR4 CD-compensated crossover with enhanced thermal stability
  • Self-resetting HF driver and crossover protection system
  • Fully variable HF control with treble boost
  • Monocoque Spaceframe enclosure
  • Vertical slot port and thermal convector
  • SuperCooler Tech for reduced power compression
  • Top bar/dish handle
  • Base rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Durable textured acrylic finish
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver or black cloth grill with white piping


(H W D)
56cm 52cm 32cm
22" 20.4" 12.6"
Steel Grill 14.5kg / 32lbs
Cloth Grill 13.5kg / 30lbs
Broadband Sensitivity 97dB
Max Amp Power 800W RMS
Max Output ~127dB
Frequency Range 30Hz -20kHz
Impedance 8 ohms


Customer feedback

29/6/23 - Big Baby 2 - Japan

And thank you for making incredibly wonderful bass cabinets. Here in Japan I frequently receive compliments about my sound because of you. 
From your biggest fan,

16/01/23 - Big Baby 3 - USA

This is a killer killer rig!!!


14/01/23 - Big Baby 2- UK

This cab is unbelievable.

You guys/gals rock. 🤘

20/12/22 - Big Baby 2 - UK

By the way, I played last night with my Big Baby 2 in a proper old dance hall with suspended wooden floor. The bass cut through so amazingly I actually turned up the treble a bit so for my Super Mini could I change it to the Super Mini T

14/12/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Can’t believe how much crystal clear sound and big bottom end comes outa this 20ish pound 12” cab

I love this thing !


11/11/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

So I’ve had my big baby 3 for a couple months and am loving it . I have a tonehammer 700 and a ag700 as far as heads go and at 8 ohms they only put out 350 watts . That being said the cab is very loud with those amps . The tone is of course very accurate and natural . The speaker does a great job recreating what I feel is the pure tone of my music man stingray special . Now… i say all that to say this . I just found a crown power amp that was lying around church , and bridged it puts out 700 watts at 8 ohms . So I ran the preamp section of my Aggie amp to the power amp and to the bb3 and wow !!!!!! It is as loud as my 4-10 ampeg ported cab! With beautiful clarity and no distortion . I am very impressed with the engineering of this cab . And at under 30 pounds doesn’t make sense to me . Thank you for a killer product . Def the best money spent on sound gear ever I think . Although I do love my stingray


8/11/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Proud owner of the Big Baby 3 here!

Got a question about hiss.

I've been running the cab with a Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.2 and it's brilliant! Today I decided to check out the Audio Form Factor BI1000DI and with gain at about 3 and master at about 3 the hiss is unbearable.

Question: Is this normal, have I just been running the Genz-Benz which outputs 375W and now hearing a 600W via the the BI1000DI or is BI1000DI just complete shit with very bad noise floor?

It sure doesn't feel/sound like a normal thing, but I haven't been around in the cab/head area enough to know if this is normal.


Alex responds: Glad it's sounding great! Regarding hiss, cabs don't hiss but all amps do (to some degree). If there's a lot of hiss then it's an amp issue - usually a design/product issue, not a fixable fault. Having a few dB more power should only add a few dB more hiss if you're increasing the gain too - and a few dB isn't much anyway.

28/9/22 - Big Baby 2 dual cab stack - UK

I have a couple of Big Baby II cabs that I normally use for bass but I'd like to also use them as a PA for a friend's swing band.

Is there any bracing that I would need to avoid if installing top hats?

Thanks in advance


Alex responds: You'd need to reinforce the base panel on the inside, so it's 18mm thick minimum, and mount the top hats with bolts and t-nuts, not wood screws. It's a fair bit of work to do well but not that complicated - grill off, speakers out, insulation out in places (you'll need to make sure no sawdust gets left behind stuck in the insulation), cut an internal reinforcement to fit neatly between the spine braces, glue it in solidly and then the four bolt holes and top hat hole through the lot, fit t-nuts and use silicone to make sure there are no air leaks past the top hat before bolting it in place. They do make great PA speakers!

Thankyou for that Alex.

Much more helpful than I could have hoped for.
A nice little project for me.
As you already know, your cabs are miraculous.