Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Getting the guitar tone you want - custom Celestion choices!

 We been selling Barefaced AVD guitar cabs for two years now and it's been a great learning experience! One thing I've learnt is that the speaker is an even more critical part of a guitarist's tone than I previously thought (I'm a bassist but everyone else who works here is a guitarist) - and as Barefaced cabs are all about getting MAXIMUM TONE we want you to get the right speaker for you!

You have choose one of 27 different Celestion guitar speakers in your Barefaced AVD cab. You can have any impedance that Celestion sell (including with our stock drivers). If you're ordering a dual speaker cab you can have two different speakers it in. And if none of them are right for you, you can order an unloaded cab. Whenever you choose to add a custom speaker to your order, that speaker is fitted instead of the stock speaker (which is why it's not as expensive as buying that speaker on its own, it's the upgrade cost).

So here's a quick run-down: The stock speakers we're using in the AVD guitar cabs are the G10 Vintage 10" and the Vintage 30 12". These both have high sensitivity (efficiency i.e. loudness per watt), high power handling and a big clear sound (plenty of highs with no obvious dips in the mids and strong lows). They are certainly not for everyone (the most common complaint is them being too harsh in the higher frequencies) but they're versatile and potent.

If that sound isn't for you then we have four alternate 10" drivers and twenty (yes, 20!) 12" drivers you can choose from. Click here for some info on how to choose which is best for you.

As custom drivers are proving so popular we've changed our logistics to work better with this and thus reduced the costs of these upgrades. As with all Barefaced products, our goal is to supply you with THE VERY BEST gear possible, cabs for life, so please don't settle for less than want you really want, even if you have to save up a bit longer to get the perfectly spec'd Barefaced cab. But just so you know the costs of going custom, here's the price bands (add 20% VAT for the UK prices):

Band A - £20 for one or two drivers:

10" - Ten 30

12" - A-Type, G12M Greenback, G12T-75, V-Type

Band B - £25-50 for one, £30-85 for two:

10" - G10 Greenback, G10 Creamback

12" - Classic Lead, G12K-100, G12M-65 Creamback, G12H Anniversary, G12H-75 Creamback, G12H-150 Redback, Neo Creamback, G12-65 Heritage, G12M Heritage

Band C - £55-75 for one, £90-125 for two:

12" - G12H (55) Heritage, G12H (75) Heritage, Neo 250 Copperback

Band D - £110-145 for one, £200-265 for two:

10" - G10 Gold

12" - Blue, Ruby, Gold, Cream