The guitar cab - reinvented

We believe this is the most significant guitar cab launched since the original Marshall 4x12”. A bold claim indeed! But listening is believing - the revolutionary patent pending AVD enclosure lets you hear the true sound from the speaker, uncluttered by internal reflections or cancellations like traditional closed or open-backed cabs. And from the back of the cab the AVD does even more, filling the room with yet more natural tone.

We may have transformed the cabinet itself but we refuse to discard the loudspeaker heritage that’s the basis of most great guitar sounds - electric guitars need that tonal shaping, character and vibe which comes from the inherent sonic colour of classic speaker designs.

Choose the British version for meaty grunt, brightness and maximum rock power or the American for subtler vintage tones with sweet cleans and bluesy overdrive. This 1x12” 75W (British) or 40W (American) cab has comparable output to 2x12” cabs loaded with similar speakers because the AVD uses both sides of the cone, front and back, to fill the room with tone. Yet it weighs far less than most 112 cabs thanks to our unique design and construction methods.


GXII (12)

GXII (12)
GXII (12)
GXII (12)

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Barefaced GXII 12" Guitar Loudspeaker Cabinet

If you’re in the UK a one month free trial is available (no return fee). If you’re in Europe we still have the one month trial period but you’ll have to pay return shipping. If you’re further away then sorry, shipping is too expensive so get in touch if you’re not sure it’s what you want and ask us lots of questions (feel free to ask questions if you’re in the UK or Europe too).

Time to dispatch 3 - 6 weeks



  • • Innovative internal design - Barefaced AVD enclosure for superior audibility, efficiency and power handling

  • • Low-cut filter toggle switch

  • • Two different voicings - choose from British or American sounding drivers.

  • • British Racing Green tolex, and either a black (British) or silver (American) cloth grill with white piping.

  • • Single top strap handle

  • • Rubber feet on base

  • • Dual combi 1/4” + speakon sockets



  • Silver cloth grill.

  • Vintage American tone from treble to bass.

  • Country, blues, bluegrass, funk, jazz.

  • Smooth but open highs, warm mids, tight full lows.

  • British

  • Black cloth grill.

  • The ultimate British tone with complete tonal balance.

  • Rock, blues, jazz, metal.

  • Airy clear highs, tailored mids, low end grunt and punch.

  • Questions

    There are basically two sorts - closed-back and open-backed. Open-backed because they were combos and needed to keep the valves cool and accessible for servicing, closed-back and sealed because that’s how most speakers were made in the 1960s.

    The closed-back cabs have narrowing dispersion as frequency increases (a hi-fi speaker uses smaller speakers for higher frequencies to reduce this problem). The open-backed cabs fire sound out of the back as well as the front, so although the dispersion narrows from both front and back in much the same way as the closed-back cab, the sound coming out of the back helps fill the room with mids and highs - but that sound out of the back cancels out most of the lows (due to the inverted phase as the back of the speaker pulls when the front pushes and vice versa). In other words, open-back cabs are easier to hear around the room but the lows are thinner.

    From the front it behaves much like a closed or open-backed cab. But the mids and highs coming out of the AVD at the back are amplified and dispersed around the room whilst the lows are inverted to match the lows from the front, giving lots more bottom. Basically you get the output from one 10” or 12” to match two 10”s or 12”s in a closed-back cab but with even better dispersion and audibility than an open-backed cab.

    You see it when you look at the back of the cab - it’s the Augmented Vent Diffractor. It’s a unique Patent Pending technology that we started developing back in 2013. At low frequencies it acts as a tuned vent or Helmholtz resonator, improving efficiency, power handling and output. At mid and high frequencies it acts to diffract, disperse and couple the sound with the room for improved audibility and output especially in rooms with poor acoustics.

    The increased low frequency output from the AVD may be too much for some guitarists’ tastes - so you can flick this switch and remove lows at the cab. Doing so not only changes the bass response but also increases the power handling of the cab, lowers the distortion due to motor excursion and reduces the load on your amp’s output stage. This can give you two different sweet-spots of optimum speaker overdrive or break-up and two different sweet-spots of power valve overdrive. If your sound is perfect in rehearsal but too dirty at a louder gig then engaging the Lo Cut filer will clean it up.

    Get more information here in Alex's blog post!


    (H W D)
    40cm 45cm 31cm
    16" 18" 12"
    British10kgs / 22lbs
    American8kgs / 17lbs
    British driver Eminence CV-75
    American driver Eminence GA-SC64
    Enclosure design AVD
    RMS power handling
    British75 Watts
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms


    SpeakOn cable

    High quality speaker leads for exceptional sound quality and reliability. High grade cable comprises 2 insulated pure copper cores. Durable wire and latching speaker plug.


    A righteous Barefaced T-shirt. Wear it and be cooler than you are wearing whatever it is you're wearing now! Comes in any colour as long as it's green.


    Custom tolex

    Wrap your cab in any of our huge range of tolex for an extra special finish. Please note this affects the delivery time as custom tolex is ordered in.

    Grill cloth

    Custom cloth grill options to customise your cab. We can order in a variety of grill types for your cab. Please note this affects the delivery time.