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Reformer 112 / 110W

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We believe this is the most significant guitar cab launched since the original Marshall 4x12”. A bold claim indeed!

But listening is believing - the revolutionary patented AVD enclosure lets you hear the true sound from the speaker, uncluttered by internal reflections or cancellations like traditional closed or open-backed cabs. And from the back of the cab the AVD does even more, filling the room with yet more natural tone.

We may have transformed the cabinet itself with our unique Barefaced AVD design but we refuse to discard the loudspeaker heritage that’s the basis of most great guitar sounds - electric guitars need that tonal shaping, character and vibe which comes from the inherent sonic colour of classic speaker designs. The Reformer 112 has an iconic Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60W loudspeaker as standard and more cosmetic choices. And if the Vintage 30 isn’t your ideal sound, you can have any Celestion guitar 12” as a customisation, including all the Alnico models.

We now also offer a custom 1x10" version of this cab, the Reformer 110W - for guitarists who want the tone of a 10" but in a larger enclosure than our Upsetter 110. Also, if you want a wider/larger 1x12" guitar cab, we now have the Usurper 112W and the Radical 112SW custom models to choose from, which are the same sizes as our 2x10" and 2x12" models respectively.

This 1x12” cab has as big a sound as 2x12" cabs loaded with similar speakers because the AVD uses both sides of the cone, front and back, to fill the room with tone. Despite the massive sound the weight is absolutely not massive - thanks to our unique design and construction methods this is the lightest gig-tough 12” guitar enclosure ever made!


Stock - V30

Custom - Minimum Custom - Maximum
(H x W x D)
40cm x 45cm x 31cm
16" x 18" x 12"
Weight 10 kg / 22 lbs 7 kg / 15 lbs (Neo Creamback / Copperback)
Enclosure design AVD
RMS power handling 60W 25W (G12M Greenback) 250W (Neo 250 Copperback)
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm 4 ohm (Neo 250 Copperback only) 16 ohm
Stock speaker Celestion Vintage 30 20+ Celestion twelves as custom choices Or unloaded for a 12" you already own and love


  • Innovative internal design - Barefaced AVD enclosure for superior audibility, efficiency and power handling
  • Low-cut filter toggle switch
  • Choose from the entire range of Celestion 12" speakers. The iconic Celestion Vintage 30 fitted as standard.*
  • Either a black or silver cloth grill with white piping.
  • British Raging Green or Black in Black tolex.
  • Single top strap handle
  • Rubber feet on base
  • Dual combi 1/4” + speakon sockets

*Additional customisation fee applies. See below.


Traditional guitar loudspeaker designs.

There are basically two sorts - closed-back and open-backed. Open-backed because they were combos and needed to keep the valves cool and accessible for servicing, closed-back and sealed because that’s how most speakers were made in the 1960s.

How does that affect using them?

The closed-back cabs have narrowing dispersion as frequency increases (a hi-fi speaker uses smaller speakers for higher frequencies to reduce this problem). The open-backed cabs fire sound out of the back as well as the front, so although the dispersion narrows from both front and back in much the same way as the closed-back cab, the sound coming out of the back helps fill the room with mids and highs - but that sound out of the back cancels out most of the lows (due to the inverted phase as the back of the speaker pulls when the front pushes and vice versa). In other words, open-back cabs are easier to hear around the room but the lows are thinner.

How is the Reformer 112 different?

From the front it behaves much like a closed or open-backed cab. But the mids and highs coming out of the AVD at the back are amplified and dispersed around the room whilst the lows are inverted to match the lows from the front, giving lots more bottom. Basically you get twice the output of a closed back cab with an identical speaker AND even better dispersion and audibility (and far far greater output) than an open-backed cab.

What is AVD?

You see it when you look at the back of the cab - it’s the Augmented Vent Diffractor. It’s a unique patented technology that we started developing back in 2013. At low frequencies it acts as a tuned vent or Helmholtz resonator, improving efficiency, power handling and output. At mid and high frequencies it acts to diffract, disperse and couple the sound with the room for improved audibility and output especially in rooms with poor acoustics.

What is the Lo Cut filter for?

The increased low frequency output from the AVD may be too much for some guitarists’ tastes - so you can flick this switch and remove lows at the cab. Doing so not only changes the bass response but also increases the power handling of the cab, lowers the distortion due to motor excursion and reduces the load on your amp’s output stage. This can give you two different sweet-spots of optimum speaker overdrive or break-up and two different sweet-spots of power valve overdrive. If your sound is perfect in rehearsal but too dirty at a louder gig then engaging the Lo Cut filer will clean it up.

Customer feedback

17/06/24 - Reformer 112 - Ukraine

Hi Alex,

I received a "nudge email" that said if I had any questions. I'll try to be brief: I had a Reformer with a 12" Fane Medusa 150C (very loud speaker). Amazing sound, very good dispersion, much louder than I needed (sold it to finance my honeymoon).

I now want to get an Activier cab with a 10" speaker (Fane Medusa 10, 75 watts). I'm unsure wether I should go with the Upsetter, Reformer (currently my top pick) or maybe even Mutiny (if a 1x10" version is possible). 90% of the time I play clean to medium gain.

Most important to me is dispersion. I don't need a gigantic sound, but it shouldn't sound too boxy either. Is there a big(!) difference between the 3 cab sizes, both in "bigness" and dispersion? If not, transportability wins for me.

2nd question: the Fane has some oddball mounting values. Could the cab be made for 12" and come with a custom adapter ring for the 10" Fane? Or maybe even two 10" adapter rings, 1 for the Fane and 1 for Celestions, so I'm super flexible for the future?

That's it! Let me know, what to order.




Hi Tim,

In terms of dispersion they're all the same. The smaller cabs don't sound boxy but the bigger the cab, the bigger the lows get. In general it doesn't make much difference with guitar, unless you're chugging, especially downtuned, so I usually recommend you get what looks best or fits your portability needs. We can absolutely do a 1x10" or 1x12" version of the Mutiny. We can do the 12-10 adapter, just let us know the BCD and baffle holt cut-out of the Medusa 10. Put the order through with two adapter plates and we'll do the custom dimensions free of charge, just add the dimensions to the order notes and email us to make sure we don't miss it!

Best regards,


07/06/24 - Reformer 112 - USA

Received the felt tape today and installed this evening. Works great. Thanks again for your help. I'm a speaker swapping fool when it comes to guitar cabs, so it's much needed. Put in a Celestion G12EVH and it sounds fantastic and huge in the Reformer.



Hi Brad,

Yes, it's great isn't it? So much easier to swap speakers!


30/05/24 - Reformer 112 - Malaysia

Hi Alex & Team,

So the cab arrived 3 days early in Kuala Lumpur and I tried it. It's beautiful! 

Through my DV Mark Greg Howe tube amp 150/250w it's amazingly smooth and rich. You do wanna turn it up. The louder the smoother.

Thank you everyone!!


13/11/23 - Reformer 112 - USA

Dude my mind is blown man!!

I need an extended 1x12 for a Soldano head or should I just do the 2x12?

Or do you think I should just do a 1x12

I am so excited man!! Biggest improvement I have ever heard!?

You are a wizard man!

Trey Alexander

Hi Trey,

The Radical 212H sounds fatter for sure, whilst the Radical 112SW will sound like the Reformer 112 but bigger/deeper rather than fatter (if that makes sense!) Everyone here has just been enjoying your videos btw! You'll get more output from the 212 which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how loud you need to be. And obviously more power handling from the 212 (assuming the same speakers) which is a good thing if you're using the 100W head but you'll be fine with that 50W Soldano with a V30 unless you're really pushing it.

So pleased you and your mates are so impressed! 


It was a life changing event last night, I still can’t get over how amazing it is!! I want to make some killer videos showing off just how great they sound!!

Thank you so much for the kind words!! I appreciate y’all watching!!  Means a lot to me!!
I think because I have the bigger heads it might be smart to do a 2x12! But I have a feeling this little 1x12 is plenty loud enough for any application I still can’t get over how clear it is from every spot in the room!!
I would like to do a video showing off each of the cabs but it will take me a little to save for each variant:)
Again thank y’all for changing my life and for helping my back from carrying all these massive cabs! Finally can give my back and shoulder a rest, I now can lift my cab with my pinky lol
Have a wonderful day and thank you for making my dreams a reality!!

I can’t wait to get my next barefaced cab!
Trey Alexander

25/04/24 - Reformer 112 (G12H-75 Creamback) - UK

Arrived safe and sound. Loving the light weight and small footprint. Fits perfectly into my DIY amp shelving unit and most importantly sounds amazing. I’d heard all the rave reviews on the sound dispersion but to hear it for real is a game changer. 

Thanks again and looking forward to pairing it with the Usurper 1x12 😊


20/04/24 - Reformer 112 - China

Hi Alex,

The cab arrived few days ago and was enjoing it as much as I could. It sounds much clear than my old openback cab, I could hear my sound much better in any place in my living room. The low cut is very useful that I can finally turn the depth up on my Soldano SLO 30 to get the sound I want. Over all I am very happy with this purchase and will Saving for an other Alnico Gold build.


19/04/24 - Reformer 112 - USA

Hi Barefaced Team!

Back in September 2023, I had the pleasure of ordering a Reformer 112
from you. It came equipped with an Alnico Cream speaker, dressed in
green tolex silver grill cloth, and a tan faux leather handle - it's
been terrific!

I'm tempted to get an encore and order another one to pair up with my
current gem. Now, I vaguely remember talk of some updates to the
Reformer 112 design. Could you let me in on the major changes if any,
between my model and the newest one?



Alex says:

Hi Zhen!
Awesome, glad to hear you've been enjoying your cab!
So, your Reformer has a cutout in the AVD to make space for the Alnico speaker, which is something we had to do every time anyone ordered an Alnico.
We've solved this minor annoyance by creating a "universal" AVD panel. So you won't be able to have them 100% matching visually (from the back) but functionally they're the same.
If you were tempted to go for something un-Alnico, we actually have two Reformers with the old standard cutout in your spec (minus the tan faux leather handle, which sadly can't be retro-fitted)
Best regards,


11/01/24 - Reformer 112 - Australia


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

I'll give your workshop maestro's a little more work to do shortly once I put my order in for a One10 cab.

See below a baby snap of my/our most recent amp cab progeny. Thanks to you and yours for all that you do.


Alex says:

Hi Dave,
I've just realised that's on a desk - I was so confused!
Looks great.

23/01/24 - Reformer 112 - France


Hi Alex,

Very much loving the the Reformer 112 You made for me last year.

I ordered it with the default Vintage 30 driver. I'm now thinking of swapping the driver out for a Creamback G12H-75 which increases the headroom and possibly sounds even better while (somewhat miraculously) still managing a 100dB sensitivity. Although this has a bigger magnet (according to the Celestion website) there appears to be enough clearance to the edges of the AVD sonic wondrousness and the back of the cone would be in the same position WRT to the resonator/horn and so presumably in practice, this is a straight swap?

Please keep making the YouTubes, I find them fascinating.


Hi Jon,


The H75 is a great driver but definitely not an improvement on the V30, just a different tone. They have the exact same (big) magnet too. It's quite a popular choice as a custom driver in our cabs, we've done plenty of demo videos comparing them so you can have a listen on our youtube. Any Celestion ceramic or neo guitar 12" is a straight swap. Glad you're loving the cab!


21/11/23 - Reformer 112 - UK

We are using Barefaced bass cabs and Barefaced guitar cabs we are delighted with them thanks Alex


04/12/23 - Reformer 112 - Australia


I've been very much enjoying getting to know my Reformer 112 since I took delivery just before xmas 23.

Nice timing for this special xmas present, sweet little cab!

Pairs very nicely with my Friedman Runt 20 and I want to say it has exceeded my expectations. Thanks and Happy New Year Alex and your Barefaced team of artisan cab ninja's.

Dave A

14/11/23 - Reformer 112 - USA

Dude my mind is blown man!!

I need an extended 1x12 for a Soldano head or should I just do the 2x12?

Or do you think I should just do a 1x12

I am so excited man!! Biggest improvement I have ever heard!?

You are a wizard man!


Hi Trey,

The Radical 212H sounds fatter for sure, whilst the Radical 112SW will sound like the Reformer 112 but bigger/deeper rather than fatter (if that makes sense!)

You'll get more output from the 212 which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how loud you need to be. And obviously more power handling from the 212 (assuming the same speakers) which is a good thing if you're using the 100W head but you'll be fine with that 50W Soldano with a V30 unless you're really pushing it.

So pleased you and your mates are so impressed!


22/07/23 - Uprising 212V - USA


I recently purchased a used Uprising 212 and love it. It’s amazingly light and sounds great. Now I want a 112 cab. But I already have a scum back speaker I want to use in it. Do you sell the reformer without a speaker? I think it would be a cool combination.



Hi Matt,

Glad you're loving the Uprising! You can absolutely get an unloaded Reformer to fit your own speaker of choice - here's the unloaded cab info:

Let me know if any of that isn't clear!

Best regards,


04/07/23 - Reformer 112 - Hungary

Shipping arrived a couple of days ago. I had my first rehearsal with the box today. It sounds amazing. Many thanks!


28/6/23 - Reformer 112 (Classic Lead 80) - USA

Thanks for these awesome speaker cabs!!


05/04/23 - Reformer 112 - USA

Received my new cab today and it really looks amazing. My head is still being built so I’m gonna have to tuff it out and wait to give it a try. Just wanted to say thanks for the time you took to answer all my questions and the advice you gave. I’ll be sure to let you know my impressions when the amp finally shows up.

Jim Spill

19/12/22 - Reformer 112 (Gold) - USA

I think it sounds very nice, it's not broken in but it's sounding good already

I'm using it as an alternate speaker at this point for the Mesa blue Angel, which is a 4 x 10 alnico,

playing in stereo with a 50s silvertone both are 6V6 amps


18/12/22 - Refomer 112 (V30) - USA

I'm just sending this to let you know I just received the 1-12 Reformer, unpacked it, fired it up and it sounds glorious. Thank you!

I went straight into my new amp - Victory V30 Mk 2 The Jack (silly name).

Clean, loud, glorious. With humbuckers. PRS Custom 24. My tele is in the shop - looking forward to running that.

Next will be to try out a bunch of different pedals.

I originally thought of getting another one and stacking them if needed.

I've changed my mind after watching a few of your videos - great job by the way - keep them coming!

Your design on the 2-12 vertical is quite different and for the reasons you explained.

So if I find that I do start playing out after all and i need a little more, I'll get one of those.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday season. Thank you for all you do,


10/12/22 - Reformer 112 (Neo Creamback) - UK

It sounds huge and is lighter than imagined. Alongside the St James works so well.

23/11/22 - Reformer 112 (V30) - USA

The cabinet arrived yesterday just in time for my Thanksgiving holiday break!!! Playing it with my Mesa Mark V 25 and my new Novo Serus and its stupid how good it sounds..
I imagine I might end up getting another one eventually for a stack. Heading over to my friends on Friday to plug in to his Marshall .. looking forward to it.

Thanks again..
I have about 5 friends all drooling over it so I assume you will have more orders heading your way soon


21/11/22 - Reformer 112 (G12K-100) - UK

OK. This did the Biz. GMD on 20W, Barefaced Reformer 112 not through the PA and a fair sized venue. OK not a super loud band, but I was only on 12 o clock even at the end. Nice.

18/11/22 - Reformer 112 (Gold) - USA

The Cab is great!

BUT, I’ve only played one gig since the pandemic started
and it looks like we are getting a big winter wave of cases here now
So no gigs until next year

I have been doing a monthly video show
the Halloween show is fairly amusing:

best, HK

16/11/22 - Reformer 112 (Gold) - Germany

First of all, i am very happy with my reformer 112 cab.
Now looking for the new Usurper210 standard version.

I‘m reading from the description that the cab comes with both rubber feet on base (horizontal use) as well as sides (assume for vertical use).
Is that correct, can this cab being used both equally horizontally as well as vertically?

Furthermore, is the speaker wiring made in parallel, or can I at least opt for parallel wiring, just to get total 8 ohm resistance from 2 pcs G10 16 ohm, speakers?

Many thanks for your quick reply.

Alex responds: Glad the Reformer 112 is performing well! As standard the Usurper 210 only has feet on the base (long side). You could add extra feet to use it vertically but then it won't fit in our official Barefaced cover. It works best horizontally but will still work better than a normal cab vertically. You can now select your impedance/wiring on the product page when ordering a guitar cab from us.

14/11/22 - Reformer 112 (G12H-75 Creamback) - USA

I've had 2 gigs with the Reformer 112 and absolutely love it. Since I am in 2 different bands and the other band plays many outdoor festivals, I am looking to purchase the uprising 212V but have 3 questions.
1) What Ohm ratings should those speakers be and would they be wired in parallel or series? (my current amp is a custom tube amp around 22Watts and it has an 8 Ohm output as well as a 4 Ohm output, however, I don't want to limit the possible use of other amps)
2) Could I also add my current Reformer (with an 8 Ohm speaker) to this set up and drive both cabinets?
3) Have you ever made a 4x12 monster? Or, would question #1 answer change if I wanted to drive 2 Uprising 212V cabinets?

I guess overall, I would like a 212V but didn't want to limit myself possibly expanding cabinets.
I wish I understood the Ohm speaker ratings better when expanding.
Thank you so much for your help! All who heard this cabinet these last 2 gigs were very impressed!

Alex responds: 1. This depends on 2!
2. So as you've got an 8 ohm Reformer, I'd get a 4 ohm Uprising 212V. You can then use the Uprising on the 4 ohm tap, and if you want to use both cabs you can daisy-chain them off the 4 ohm tap for a 2.7 ohm total load (which your amp will be totally fine with).
3. We haven't made a 412 guitar cab because there's hardly any situations nowadays when it's a good idea - and because of that you're generally better off with a pair of 2x12" cabs so you can leave one behind when you don't need crazy loud output on stage.

30/9/22 - Reformer 112 (Cream) - Canada

The Reformer arrived this week - it sounds and looks incredible and I will definitely keep preaching the Barefaced gospel!

Thank you,


P.S. That kind of reads like a good product testimonial, doesn't it?

28/9/22 - Reformer 112 (G12K-100) - UK Dan Turner

Got the 1x12 Monday. It sounds huge!

It’s the sound I’m after

I’ll A/B it against the 2x12 with V30s and might end up putting G12 K 100s in that. My issue. Learning curve over the tone I’m after.

Simply loving the 1x12 and the cover is so worth the money. I thought a cover is just a cover but yours are ace. Far better than the after market I bought for the 2x12 and more than worth the differential.

26/9/22 - Reformer 112 stereo pair (Cream) (V30) - USA

Thanks so much for helping us out with the cab’s for our last tour. They were really wonderful.

Joey Landreth

18/10/22 - Reformer 112 (A-Type) - USA

I've had it for a few weeks, done three gigs with, so, so good. Compliments from the band and occasionally a "fan". Fills up the space in the room so well. Better than my 212 Avatar, actually, which has a death ray of great tone and some places where you stand and it isn't as great. 

Thanks for putting up with all my questions / emails. I'm really happy and will be (and have been)  recommending your company. 

Cheers and thanks for designing great things, 


13/9/22 - Reformer 112 (V30) - USA

Hello, I bought a cab from y'all a while ago and LOVE IT!. At the time I asked if you had a stereo 2x12 cab and you said something was in the works. I was just wondering if such a thing ever came to life? I am looking for some and you guys came to mind first as I love the 1x12 bought from you.


Lane Hillard

27/03/20 - Reformer 112 - NZ

Hi Alex
I hope you and all your family and friends are well at this time.
My cabinet arrived yesterday - chappers got it bang on - THIS IS THE BEST CAB I'VE EVER USED!
I'm actually a harmonica player - use a rig like a guitarist but use a preamp to fine tune the gain structure to use standard guitar amps/effects etc. 
The AVD device is exactly what I need as a harmonica player - it allows me to hear my tone and dial in my sound  no matter where I stand. 
Can't wait to get out and gig with it once this Covid'19 settles.

17/03/20 - Reformer 112 (G12T-75) - USA

Today, I had my first in-person interaction with another human in 7 days when the FedEx man delivered by gorgeous new cab this morning (thanks, COVID-19). It was absolutely love at first sight! (Me + the cab, that is; not me + the FedEx guy…) The cab is mercifully light weight, stunning to look at, and it sounds absolutely MASSIVE - I am thrilled! 
Question for you: Why does it have two inputs? I didn’t see that covered in the instructions.

Thanks so much! Hat’s off to the team! A+++ work! 
Hi Adam,
that feedback has really perked everyone up!! We're very happy to hear that you're enjoying your cabinet! 
The secondary output can be used to link another cab, should you wish to add one further down the line. 
Any issues, please just let me know and we'll be happy to help! 
All the best from me and the team!


10/03/20 - Reformer 112 - UK

Liking it a little too much. After warming it up I couldn't stop working it in and after a few hours of turning it up a little at a time I think I damaged my power tubes and have a crackle and hum in my amp now. I'm looking at new heads that can live up to the cab now :)

Really lovely cab and nice sounding for everyone in the room. Great clear punch and liquid transients (if that makes sense), I can really hear the amp and the speaker doesn't seem to get flabby at higher volumes (and loudness) than my other 1x12 cabs. And definitely lighter than I expected.
Definitely worth the wait.

09/01/20 - Reformer 112 - USA

Hello, I purchased the Reformer 1x12 cab and I really like it. I've been using it with the new(ish) REVV D20 amp, and with that amp you can load Impulse Responses of any cab. I'm writing to inquire if there are any I.R.s of your Reformer 1x12 cab. I would really like to be able to seamlessly switch between the actual Reformer, and an IR version for front of house or recording.


18/11/19 - Reformer 112 (G12M-65 Creamback) - Germany

Second box has just arrived flawless. First box speaker break-in is more or less finished. Such an excellent sound!! Perfect for me!

Best boxes ever. Thank you!



06/11/19 - Reformer 112 (Cream) - UK

Cab received and sounds great!


18/10/19 - Reformer 112 - Germany

Cab arrived safely.

I tested it against the Quilter Blockdock HD 12inch... and what can I say... the Quilter will be sent back :-)

Loudness is pretty much the same on them but the Reformer sounds so much rounder, warmer and overall nicer to my ears.

The fun fact is that the Quilter has a 300watts neodynium speaker inside and the ga-sc64 has only 40 watts but is as loud as the quilter :-D

Well done folks! I love it!

I now finally found my perfect lightweight combination. At less a quart of the weight of my fender twin reverb, but a nearly equal sound. Gotta love it.

Also loving the green tolex and silver front. Looks awesome.

Greetings from a very happy customer 


20/09/19 - Reformer 112 - UK

Recieved the cabinet. So far I love it! I can truly walk around my practice space, sit down, stand up, etc. and the sound doesnt change drastically! Very very nice. The little bass switch is a bonus... I found that I like it on with distortiob...  tightens it up in a way I didnt know I wanted but really really like!! Very happy

One question though - if I wanted to swap out the speaker in the future, do I just pull on the black tab at the bottom of the grille cover and get to the speaker that way?


Hi Michael,

That's really nice to read! Thank you, pleased you are enjoying it!

Yes, you can (carefully) remove the front grill by pulling the tab. I would recommend you loosen, or remove two front corners first. The grill isn't intended to be pulled out and put in loads of times so just do it when you plan to switch drivers. Tip, the AlNiCo woofers don't fit. I have been designing an AlNiCo version of the 112, but otherwise, go for it!


Kind regards


09/09/19 - Reformer 112 - Netherlands

Hello Barefaced!

I received my order today, Reformer 112, it is awesome!!!!

Wow the praises are true🙏😁.

Can't wait to gig with it.


11/05/19 - Reformer 112 - UK

The Reformer 112 holding its own at this big gig. Our sound guy asked me to turn it down!!

06/05/19 - Reformer 112 - UK

I've had my Reformer for about a month now and have to say I'm over the moon with it. I went from using an Orange 2x12 open back cab and a Marshall DSL100, downsizing my rig has been the plan. So now i use this 20w Marshall head. 

My clarity on stage is way better, although I'm always mic'd through the PA generally we don't have on stage monitors so I'm relying on what i get from my cab between another guitarist, bass (barefaced) and drums to hear myself. 

The Reformer cuts through it all, I have the bass cut off as i want the fat Les Paul / Marshall tone so the low end is really good. I had a fantastic compliment last night from a fellow guitarist at our show who said 'whatever you're doing, you've got it spot on and don't change a thing'. I showed him my backline and he was blown away, sat snug at the back and almost hidden by a floor tom he couldn't believe the tone and volume i was getting. I knew exactly what he meant. Well done Barefaced, time i ordered myself a cover please!


15/04/19 - Reformer 112 - Germany

First Gig done with the Reformer. I really like it very much! Great to hear everywhere. Oh and you can't see but my PA is a BigBaby 2!!!!