Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

20/09/19 - Reformer 112 - UK

Recieved the cabinet. So far I love it! I can truly walk around my practice space, sit down, stand up, etc. and the sound doesnt change drastically! Very very nice. The little bass switch is a bonus... I found that I like it on with distortiob...  tightens it up in a way I didnt know I wanted but really really like!! Very happy

One question though - if I wanted to swap out the speaker in the future, do I just pull on the black tab at the bottom of the grille cover and get to the speaker that way?


Hi Michael,

That's really nice to read! Thank you, pleased you are enjoying it!

Yes, you can (carefully) remove the front grill by pulling the tab. I would recommend you loosen, or remove two front corners first. The grill isn't intended to be pulled out and put in loads of times so just do it when you plan to switch drivers. Tip, the AlNiCo woofers don't fit. I have been designing an AlNiCo version of the 112, but otherwise, go for it!


Kind regards