Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Which bass cab?

We make two ranges of bass cabs - the 12XN range and the 10CR range. If you want the most accurate representation of the tone coming out of your amp then the 12XN models are the best choice, whilst if you want the cab to add more colour, more warmth, more fatness, more character, then the 10CR models are the ones for you.

We make no apologies for doing things completely differently to every other bass cab company, so please throw away your preconceptions about different speaker sizes and configurations, continue reading and be enlightened!

12XN models:

Big Baby 3 - absolute accuracy, fairly compact, goes loud (800W / 127dB)

Big Twin 3 - absolute accuracy, rather big, massive SPL (1600W / 133dB)

Super Mini - honest sound, tight but thick lows, very small (600W / 125dB)

Super Mini T - honest full-range tone, very small (600W / 125dB)

Super Compact / Super 3rd - honest sound, smoother mellow highs, small (600W / 126dB)

Super Compact T / Super 3rd T - honest full-range tone, bigger lows than Super Mini T (600W / 126dB)

Super Twin - honest sound, not that big, very loud (1200W / 131dB)

Super Twin T - honest full-range tone, less deep lows than BT3


10CR models:

One10 / One10T - looks like a practice cab but loves smaller gigs (250W / 119dB)

Two10S / Two10ST - great until rock bands get LOUD (500W / 125dB)

Four10 / Four10T - almost always loud enough (1000W / 131dB)

Six10 / Six10T - makes little tube amps loud or big amps V LOUD (1500W / 134dB)

Eight10 / Eight10T - total overkill, buy a Six10 instead (2000W / 137dB)


That was the one line summaries - either keep reading to learn more or email us if you're getting confused:

Approximately speaking, one 12XN = two 10CR in output. The more you like how the 10CR "overdrives" as you push it harder, the more output you'll get without losing your tone, so bassists who like cleaner sounds will usually get more from one 12XN than from two 10CR and bassists who like dirtier sounds will usually find the reverse.

The T versions of the "Super 12XN" and the 10CR cabs have fully adjustable* tweeters whilst the "Big 12XN" cabs have fully adjustable* HF drivers with large waveguides (for more even accurate upper midrange and treble response).

*(from off to loud)

The Big Twin 3 is a 2x12XN version of the Big Baby 3 1x12XN. Two BB3 cabs have the same sonic performance as one BT3.

The Super Twin is a 2x12XN version of the Super Compact 1x12XN. Two SC cabs have the same sonic performance as one ST.

The Super Mini T is a miniaturised version of the Super Compact T - the lows are not as full or deep but sound slightly thicker. If you want the ultimate portable cab with lots of output that can handle any kind of tone for bass guitar or double bass (or even keys or FRFR guitar) the Super Mini T is it. It used to be called the Super Midget. We now offer a Super Mini which is the same cab but without the tweeter and crossover, making it lighter and less expensive for those who don't need the extra HF extension or brightness.

The Super Compact and Super Twin are similar to other very high quality ported bass cabs in their low frequency response - they go plenty low enough to handle down to a low B (or below) or octave down pedals, they sound fat and deep and have enough thump, whilst being plenty tight enough. (Please note that although their low frequency response curve is similar other good ported cabs, their low frequency power handling and max output is far superior!) Their response through the mids is very honest, no dips or peaks - great tone in equals great tone out. The highs have enough clarity for most bass sounds and roll off smoothly from about 4kHz. If you boost the higher treble you can get output to about 10kHz from the central dome of the 12XN. They do not sound bright enough for bassists who love tweeters, especially those who love to pair newer roundwound strings and tweeters - those bassists will need the Super Compact T or Super Twin T (SCT/STT). The larger enclosure of the SCT helps increase efficiency vs the SMT at lower frequencies so you can get more dB output from your amp. The Super 3rd is a reshaped version of the Super Compact, primarily for neat stacking with the Super Twin (or indeed older Super Twelve and original Compact models).

The Big Baby 3 and Big Twin 3 go much deeper without sounding boomy or muddy - they have oversized enclosures (the BT3 is as large as our Six10) with low tuning frequencies, so their low frequency response is more like a really great PA subwoofer than a bass cab. If you need a bass cab to tighten up your lows (by rolling them off) then these will not do it but if you want a bass cab to let your lows speak with depth and immediacy and honesty then you will not hear better. They are even more accurate through the whole midrange spectrum and the highs are incredibly pure. At very high SPL they exhibit minimal colouration due to the even stiffer more non-resonant enclosures and our new SuperCooler Tech. 

"Super 12XN T" vs "Big 12XN 3" - the Super T cabs are smaller and lighter and still very accurate compared to most bass cabs. The Big 3 cabs go deeper and stay tighter deep down, have similar accuracy to great PA cabs or big studio monitors, and maintain that accuracy at even higher SPL.

1x12XN vs 2x12XN. A 2x12XN version of a 1x12XN cab will not only go louder (due to the greater power handling and sensitivity) but also sound fatter due to the acoustic coupling increasing the efficiency more at lower frequency - NB, fatter not deeper, the depth in the lows doesn't change, you just get more lows (this may sound deeper though!) This is the same when pairing any matching cabs. You will get essentially the same tone and  performance from two SC vs one ST or two BB3 vs one BT3 - it doesn't matter that you've got two smaller boxes rather than one bigger box.

The 10CR range is much less confusing! All the 10CR cabs sound essentially the same - the only difference is that as you increase the number of speakers you increase the amount of acoustic coupling at lower frequencies so the tone gets fatter and fatter.

All 10CR cabs are also available as T versions, which adds the same excellent tweeter and fully adjustable crossover as in our One10 T. The T versions with the HF control set to minimum sound the same as the non-T versions. But many bassists who like our 10CR speakers don't want the extra treble brightness/extension that the tweeter can add, so simpler is better for them.

Some suggestions below: 

Best large high accuracy cab: Big Twin 3

Best small high accuracy cab: Big Baby 3

Best tiny high accuracy cab: Super Mini T 

Best really tiny cab: One10

Best small cab for a warm fat sound: Two10S

Best small cab for a tighter punchier sound: Super Compact

Loudest cab for its size and weight - same tone as the SC: Super Twin

Best replacement for a classic 810: Six10

Halfway between a Six10 and Two10S in loudness: Four10

Even louder than a SIx10: Eight10

Here's some more thoughts (none of these are definitive but maybe it'll help!)

Awesome small rock cabs: Super Compact if your amp is powerful or your band is good at not getting too LOUD, Big Baby 3 if you like messing with FX or tuning way down or you want to use even more amp power, Two10S if your amp is less powerful or you play with a pick, or even the Super Mini if your band can keep a lid on the volume or your PA support is better or you don't have that deep a sound. Swap Two10S for two One10 cabs if you prefer. Also, Four10 if you're using a lower power valve/tube amp and need more efficiency. Or Super Twin if you want a ton of output in a remarkably small light package - or Four10 if you want a fatter warmer sound.

Awesome small function band cabs, for every possible sound: Super Mini T, Super Compact T, Big Baby 3, One10T, Two10ST. All of these will cover the tonal needs of any music director, from retro to "modern" (aka '80s trebly hi-fi-ness) - just a question of putting the right sound in. Why do we make FIVE different small bass cabs then? Well, the One10T is the least loud, the other four are a big step up in loudness. The SMT is tiny for its output - but not deep or fat enough for everyone, however a lot of working bassists will compromise slightly on tone for such a convenient cab (some will say the tone is perfect - it's a very personal thing!) The Two10ST can do that classic '80s sound so well - it's warm and fat yet can go very bright and clear in the highs. The Big Baby 3 is super honest, so you need to bring the tone - if you don't sound pretty, it won't! The SCT has mids more like the BB3, highs like the Two10ST and lows somewhere in between.

A lot of this writing is just me (Alex) emptying my brain - if you want an answer that is tailored to YOU and YOUR NEEDS, email me for help because I will know what you want (after asking the right questions - I'm not psychic!) Please don’t worry about contacting us before you have the money or gigs or band sorted, we like answering questions like this. Your questions help us spread the knowledge.