Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Which bass cab?

If you want absolutely perfectly honest uncoloured reproduction of your tone, then you want a Big Baby 2; unless you need to very loud in which case you need two BB2s or a Big Twin 2; or if you want to use a low powered amp (like 100W all-tube) in which case you also need two BB2s or a BT2; or if the BB2 is too big then you need a Super Midget.

After this it gets more complicated but I can always work it out with a handful of emailed questions - but as the questions depend on the context and the answers it doesn’t seem to be something that’s easy to write as a questionnaire or flow chart. Here’s some quick suggestions:


Best large high accuracy cab: Big Twin 2

Best small high accuracy cab: Big Baby 2

Best tiny high accuracy cab: Super Midget


Best really tiny cab: One10

Best small cab for a warm fat sound: Two10S

Best small cab for a tighter punchier sound: Super Compact


Loudest cab for its size and weight - same tone as the SC: Super Twin

Best replacement for a classic 810: Six10

Halfway between a Six10 and Two10S in loudness: Four10

Even louder than a SIx10: Eight10


Always email us if you’re not sure what you want - and please don’t worry about contacting us before you have the money or gigs or band sorted, we like answering questions like this. Your questions help us spread the knowledge.