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Metal corner replacement / upgrade kit

Metal corner replacement / upgrade kit

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If you have an original plastic cornered cab (the earliest Compacts and Big Ones), a metal cornered cab with two sided corners all around and/or with less flush screws, or have lost any corners, we have a full kit of corners and fixings available. £12 per kit inc worldwide P&P.


Corner kit contents:

1. Four 2-sided corners
2. Four 3 sided-corners
3. Twenty medium screws
4. Four short screws

Fitting instructions:

Remove all your existing corners.
With plastic cornered cabs you will need to sand the plywood corners of the box to a large radius - the the metal corners as a template for this. You will also need to touch up the old screw holes with black paint. This requires a degree of craftmanship!
With metal cornered cabs the new corners should fit exactly where the old corners were and share the same screw holes. If the old screw hole threads have stripped then fill them as advised above in the 'foot replacement/ section.
The short screws must be used where the corners are adjacent to a port - so the lower front corners on the Compact, Midget, Big Baby, Vintage and Big One and the front right corners on the Super Twelve, Super Fifteen, Dubster and Big Twin. Where the enclosure is reinforced on the bottom (or top on later Big Twins) you can use a medium screw by the port but make sure you don't get confused and put a hole through the port panel!
Make sure that the corner is correctly aligned before screwing it on. Don't rush it, get it right!