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Celestion BN12-300S

Celestion BN12-300S

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Speakers can only be purchased as an upgrade to a cabinet and are not sold separately.

The best of Celestion's guitar speakers are available to customise the sound of your Barefaced AVD cab. Add your cab to the cart on the relevant product page and then add the speaker here. The price you see here is the cost we charge to replace the stock Vintage 30 with this custom driver.

If you're ordering a 2x12" or two 1x12" cabs, don't forget to add two drivers! If you only want one custom driver and one stock driver in a 2x12" or two different custom drivers, please email us to explain where to put each driver (top or bottom, left or right). We'll fit the impedance stated in your cab order. Email us if you're confused!

Celestion BN12-300S

Yes, this was originally designed by Celestion as a bass guitar speaker - for bass guitar it's a good speaker although it can't compete with our Barefaced 12XN or 10CR drivers, so we don't fit it to our bass cabs. However it's a great speaker for guitar sounds that need fairly minimal colouration with smooth highs. It handles huge power and massive lows for a guitar speaker (because it was originally a bass speaker) so it suits everything from jazz guitar (clean mellow highs) to downtuned metal (thick deep chug). Hilariously light due to the neo magnet.
Most of our custom Celestion speaker choices come in 8 or 16 ohm impedance (a few old alnico ones are 8 and 15 but the 15 is just a historical silliness) however the BN12-300S is 4 or 8 ohm only. As you choose impedance on the cab page, that's fine for 2x12" cabs because we can do 4 ohm (two 8 in parallel), 8 ohm (two 4 in series) or 16 ohm (two 8 in series) but we can't do 16 ohm 1x12" cabs - and you also have the option of a 4 ohm 1x12" cab. Please email us if you want a 4 ohm 1x12" so we can order in the 4 ohm BN12-300S.
Power rating 300W rms
Impedance 4 or 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 99dB
Frequency Range 50Hz - 4000kHz
Magnet Type Neo
Speaker Weight 2kg / 4.4lbs
Weight difference vs stock V30 -2.7kg / -6lbs